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Team 2022-23

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Ridham Gagneja
Vice President (2022-23)

From a member in first year to HR Head in the second and now, the Vice President in the third year, if I could describe my I experience in Saksham in one word, I'd call it a 'rollercoaster'. I've been through a number of ups and downs (appreciations and scoldings) in the past two years and now I am looking to a very cheerful and successful tenure.


Sarthak Rustogi
Chief Associate (2022-23)

This is my last year in the college and I have learned a lot in SAKSHAM in the past 2 years in this society. Working in this society with one of the best of best people in the college had really brought up many possitive changes within me. During my tenure as Cheif Associate, I will try my best that the society reaches new heights.

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Ekansh Garg
Head of Research (2022-23)

Really enthralled to be the Research Head in the Society.

I'm grateful for this opportunity and hope that I thrive as an individual and benefit the team. The position is for those few who have supported me and would give my best self for them.

Anyways, knew this was coming!

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Urshita Aggarwal
Co-Secretary (2022-23)

Saksham is synonymous to growth for me. I am grateful for this position of co-secretary and will give my best to fulfill the responsibilities that come with it. Looking forward to many more fun and learning experiences !!

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Yana Jain
Treasurer (2022-23)

Growth, confidence and self belief have been my synonyms ever since I joined Saksham. I have learnt a lot in the past year and being granted the post and the responsibility of the Treasurer is a wholesome achievement. I promise to heartedly dedicate myself towards the good of the society. Super happy and excited for this!

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Himani Singhi
IT Head (2022-23)

For me, Saksham has been a platform of immense growth and learning. Saksham provided a must needed exposure apart from my academic curriculum. As a member of the core team, I'm looking forward to a successful and fruitful tenure, and learning even more.

Ishita Sharma
President (2022-23)

Last year of college with all the experience of the past and dreams for the future. Since the start of this journey, Saksham has been an intrinsic part, guiding me to realise the potentials, break the limits and aspire toward new goals. 

I feel proud as well as overjoyed to take the position of President and step onto the podium of responsibilities and hopes. With the word of honour to work in the best interest of the society, I am excited to have a great team of individuals. 

High Hopes!

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Suwarn Bhagat
Vice-President (2022-23)

Saksham has made me a more confident and strong person. During my stay as Vice President, I will develop, implement and manage a variety of placements, work-based learning activities for students, entrepreneurship related seminars and training sessions. I will be working sincerely with my team to achieve larger objectives, and to create new standards in the light of discipline and togetherness.

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Bhavya Aggarwal
Chief Associate (2022-23)

Saksham is more than just a society for me, it has provided me with a platform to showcase and build my skill set and to rise above my potential. Looking forward to an enriching experience and unparalleled growth.

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Nihal Agarwal
Secretary (2022-23)

I still remember the date when the results for the new recruitments of my batch were out. How fascinated I was, with the term placement cell . With this, came one year of Saksham, with immense fun, learning and experience. From early morning meetings, to late night dinners, the seniors became more than a family to me.  I used to be one of the most curious juniors and was often kept shut by these simple words."Next year, agar tu secretary bana, toh tujhe pata chal jayega". Now, here I am, as the Secretary of this society, promising to carry on the legacy and aspire to greater heights.

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Sarthak Gupta
Co-Secretary (2022-23)

Always learned in school that college provides a platform for achievement and progress, and in Saksham, I believe I found mine. From knowing how the things really work to actually leading the departments, it has been a flourished and impeccable journey. I commit to involve myself completely for the good and the betterment of the society. 

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Esha Mehta
HR Head (2022-23)

If I could describe my feelings about being the HR head at Saksham in one word, I would just say ‘Grateful’. I am immensely grateful for this opportunity and delighted to continue on this journey with my fellow OBs.

May we all strive to do better as we work together as a team, stronger and united

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Team 2021-22

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Prateek Mundeja


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Navya Jain

Vice President

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Leesha Arora

Chief Associate

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-29 at 1.53.05 PM.jpeg

Shreya Mittal

Chief Associate

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-29 at 8.43.02 PM.jpeg

Jagrit Sahni

Head of Research

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Parisha Gupta


WhatsApp Image 2021-06-08 at 12.36.45 PM.jpeg

Ishita Sharma


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Shreya Jaiswal


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Ridham Gagneja

HR Head

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Gagan Deep


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Sakshi Singh

IT Head

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