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Work for the 
Best Society of
Satyawati College (M)

Empowering your future today

to help You win tomorrow!

*Please note that forms for recruitment are closed. 

Hey Google!

Please prove this to everyone that Saksham is the

 Best Society of Satyawati College!

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What are the  rules  to be taken care of

while applying for Saksham?


Sure! Here's what I have found:

1. Recruitment is only for the 1st year

students of Satyawati College (M), which will not

happen again for the session 2022-23. 

2. There is a limited number of seats only for

each department. 

3. The most important one is,

Deadline for the form is 23 November 2022.

4. After your registration is complete, we will contact you with further details. 

All The Best!

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