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What Is Failure?

Failure is a relatable and an inevitable term and if you are reading this article thinking that it will contain strategies or techniques to avoid failures then this article is not for you. Failure will keep on poking you at every stage of growth and progress and hence it is almost impossible to avoid it. But yes, it is very important as to how you define failure.

Many researches show that people tend to define their failures based on the targets set by others in the society. From a multinational corporation to a toddler everyone faces failure at all points of life. The only thing that decides these failures are the set parameters that too by other competitors. For a firm, it's inability to make as good profits as it's rival company is termed as it's failure, for a toddler, his inability to walk or speak as nicely as compared to other kids of his age is coated as a failure.

It is very important for us to understand that the scenarios that term us as failures have never been our lagging points they have instead been the milestones for others to define their success.nBut yes, it's great to set our own expectations, our own scenarios and goals as targets.

Many of us have a tendency to run away from the word 'failure' because dedicating that with ourselves becomes a matter of doubt in our self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-esteem and that is where we - the humans are highly mistaken. Failure always brings with it new insights, ideas and ways to progress.  The mistakes give us new information and tell us something that brings us closer to our goals. If you know that you gave your best then you should stop for a minute, pat your back and congratulate yourself for your hard work, for your time and for staying positive. Failures should never become one's weakness, they should rather prove to be our strengths. They should be considered as a test of our patience and our dedication towards our goal.

Thomas Edison once said "Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up" .

This means that crying over small hurdles, sitting back and doing nothing is what will make you a actual failure, a actual loser. Learning from past experiences, always being motivated and keeping yourself cheerful for the next opportunities is what makes you the winner and after that it doesn't matter what the actual result is.

YOU are not a failure. Always take the word FAIL as your 'first attempt in learning ' and NOT as 'first abeyance in learning' .

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