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The New Rich

Everyone once in their life had thought to become rich in one or the other way. Starting a start-up, working as a CEO in an MNCs, having a 9-5 job with high payroll, settling in Canada, multiplying wealth from stocks and numerous ways, but have you ever considered- why do you want to become rich, other than to buy luxuries. And have you ever been keen to know what trends are among the rich. Who are really rich in this 21st century?

Basically, the word "New Rich" came from a French word "Nouveau riche", to describe those whose wealth has been acquired within their own generation, rather than by familial inheritance. The idea of nouveau riche dates at least as far back as ancient Greece (8th century BC). However, in today’s world this word is associated with those who abandon the deferred-life plan and create luxury lifestyles in the present using the two wheels of 21st century: Time & Mobility.

You might have seen your father, his father accumulating wealth so to pass to you, your siblings and the coming generations. Young people working hard for diplomas, having jobs with regular income and maintaining bank balance. These Gen-X’s ideas of wealth have failed in front of Gen-Z’s perspective of wealth. Gen-Z prioritizes the tangible content of their lives over the intangible content of their bank account. The “live large with your wealth after retirement” doctrine is dead. They live their life on their own conditions. They reject the traditional path to wealth.

Don’t get me wrong. Most people still wants to get rich in monetary terms. However, most Gen-Z doesn’t want to become millionaire & billionaire because they want to look at numbers on their balance sheet, but because they want to live a better lifestyle. They want to experience the life. They want to live the way they want with enough money, health, time and the right environment because at the end they know monetary wealth can solve a lot of problems and assure mental freedom.

The value of time, the experiences, and the quality of lifestyle are the pillars on which one’s life is measured in terms of success in this era. The moment you cherish with loved ones, the vacations you took, the peace you have, the job you love is all that matters. Have you ever heard of Anunay Sood, Brinda Sharma and Ankita Kumar, they are one of among us (Gen-z).The best example of new rich. Starting from nothing and now leading the most desirable life one ever wanted. Consequently trying to become rich on paper is not a worthwhile goal. A perfectly-designed lifestyle, in contrast, is.

I would like to end this blog with the quote from one of my favourite movies (you know if you know) - “Un chizon ke liye waqt nikalo jinse tumhe sach mai khushi milti hai” :- “Seize the day my friend”.

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