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Team building Event: December 2021

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

It is said, "Actions speak louder than words" and this was proved right when a virtual Team Building Event was successfully organised by the HR and Logistics department on Wednesday, 22 December 2021. The event lasted for an hour and thirty five minutes wherein games were hosted and freshies showcased their talents.

The online event was organized for the new recruits of the year with the aim of developing team spirit and coordination in the team. The event was headed by Ekansh Garg from HR Department along with that it was hosted and coordinated by Aryan Deo from first year, HR Department.

The spectators described the anchoring to be an extraordinary showcase of voice modulation and synchronisation of various segments of the event. The fun event began with the anchor describing Saksham.

Thereafter, the first game: “Guess the Personality” commenced in which the audience had to guess the most appropriate option among the three pictures of society members from different departments. The game had a total of nine questions and it was successfully coordinated by Nihal Agarwal and Vaishnavi Verma. The answers were majorly correct and members of all departments enjoyed it with small interactions throughout the game.

The second game “Spin the Wheel” was a fun-filled rollar coaster. In the game, the wheel had names of six departments from which one was to be selected at random from spinning. The department whose name was selected had to send one of their members and he/she was given a movie that they had to perform. After that, the student who guessed it correctly was  awarded a point. The department with the maximum number of points was chosen as the winner. However, at the end, the game turned out to be just fun centric rather than competitive. The second game added more stars to an excellent on-going event. This was the end of the gaming section of the event.

The event didn’t just conclude at this point rather The President of Saksham, Prateek Mundeja, took the charge of the moment and gathered knowledge about various talents possessed by the new members of the society. He explained that he wanted to acknowledge and know more about the new team members and their various talents, which will be useful for the upcoming events to be hosted by the society. Few of the members portrayed their singing skills namely Chavvi, Nihal, Yashita, Esha, plus mimicry of various cartoons and artists was shown by Himani and Aryan. The artists were encouraged by cheers and emojis in the chat section. Thereafter, the event was successfully concluded on a happy note by the event coordinator and anchor Aryan.

Such kind of team building and spirit building events should be organised for encouraging participation and team work among the members of the society. It helps in bringing out new and fresh talents. Furthermore, it helps in developing leadership and managerial qualities among the members of the society. Stay tuned to know more about upcoming team building sessions organized by Saksham!!! Written by SUWARN BHAGWAT and Edited by Ishita Sharma.

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