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Stocks that you can accumulate for ages!

Some stocks aren't meant to be traded, just keep them and let your wealth compound itself, consider them your family treasures.

Here is a list of stocks I consider as my jewel and I am always prepared to add more.

1) Abbott India ltd (Mcap ₹ 40,397cr)

Headquartered in Mumbai, operating since 1910, Abbott India Limited offers high-quality trusted medicines.

Some of the well-known products are Digene, Pediasure and it has also recently launched self covid-19 testing kit.

2) Gillette India (Mcap ₹ 19317cr)

The market leader in razors and blades segment with products like Mach 3 and Venus. Gillette is a subsidiary of P&G and has very small retail ownership. It has diversified into oral healthcare business which contributes 24% of revenue.

3) Crisil ltd (Mcap ₹ 18,515cr)

CRISIL is India’s leading ratings agency and the foremost provider of high-end research to large banks and leading corporations.

Due to barriers of entry in the business, it's a good long term hold.

4) Marico ltd (Mcap ₹ 66,545 Cr)

Marico is a leading FMCG company with presence in more than 25 countries. Some of the well known brands owned by Marico are Saffola, Parachute, livon, set wet. 95% of company's brands are leading players in their market i.e. either on a No.1 or No.2 place in terms of market share.

5) Nippon Life India Asset Management Ltd (Mcap ₹ 23,733 Cr)

The company is engaged in managing mutual funds including exchange traded funds (ETFs); managed accounts, including portfolio management services, alternative investment funds and pension funds. As the penetration of mutual funds increases in India this company will be the prime benefactor.

6) Colgate Palmolive India ltd (Mcap ₹ 44,660 Cr)

This company needs no introduction, we've used it's product all our life. But one thing only few people know is that it's return on equity is 75% and it's return on capital employed is 92%. With very little risk, it could be the backbone of any portfolio.

A question which may arise is that why I haven't included any smallcap companies or the recently famed ones in the list. The reason is clear, just like we don't buy 14 carrot diamonds but only 24 ones, similar is the case here.

If you're looking for stable returns and to multiply your wealth, don't settle for less, hence only the trusted and proven companies are included.

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