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September Monthly Report

Updated: Oct 1

August, 2023 marked the beginning of a new start for Saksham.

Team Recruitment for the third years was completed by the end of August. A bunch of students applied for the same and after a round of personal interviews with the convener, Dr. Steven Reign, the results were kept forward by sir as the following:

President: Nihal Agarwal

Vice President: Urshita Aggarwal

Vice President: Kishu Verma

Chief Associate: Himani Singhi

Chief Associate: Kashish Taneja

Head of Research: Esha Mehta

Soon after the selection of the third year's office bearers, applications for the second year's office bearers were invited. Again, a number of students applied and the interview round went for hours. The final decision of the Office Bearers was as follows:

Joint Secretary: Rytham Bulchandani

Joint Secretary: Aditya Sandu

Treasurer: Anmol Srivastava

Entrepreneurship Head: Aarjav Jain

IT Head: Siddharth Chawla

Marketing Head: Spriha Tripathi

This completed the team of Office Bearers for the session 2022-23. It was followed with the recruitment of Team 2023-24. The forms were closed with 260+ responses. Further, interviews were conducted in the Saksham Room. Many on the spot interviews also took place and finally out of almost 300 students, 50 were selected for the team. The interviews must have been challenging for the students but so was it for the Office Bearers to select only a few out of so many interviews.

During the recent new member orientation meeting, President Nihal Aggarwal delivered an inspiring speech that touched the hearts of all attendees. The society warmly welcomed its newcomers, and each department was introduced in a brief manner. Furthermore, an informative overview of Saksham's overall functioning was provided, leaving all participants with a better understanding of the organization's mission and goals.

Saksham's team was invited to attend an event organized by Pedal Start, a renowned startup accelerator in Gurugram. With a community of over 1500 startup founders and 300 venture capitalists and investors, Pedal Start is committed to helping startups secure funding, expand their network, and enhance their knowledge base. Our Joint Secretary, Rytham Bulchandani, and Entrepreneurship Head, Aarjav Jain, represented Saksham at the event. The focus of the event was on assisting E-Cells in their growth and addressing any challenges that arise during event planning. Additionally, they discussed strategies to increase participation in startups and welcome ideas from students who aspire to start their own companies

- An inter-society event called E-Sell was organized within the college premises. Groups of students were assigned different products and given 10 days to prepare for the main event. During this event, they had to present their fictional products in front of investors. Various unique products were assigned, such as gas stoves, air purifiers, and almirahs.

The first round of the event showcased the participants' PPT and their product. The products were full of various innovations, from focal length adjustment to a built-in mop within the air purifier. The hard work done by all the participants was commendable. It was very difficult for the investors to choose between the various products and state-of-the-art innovations they were offering at a catchy price point.

The second round was a surprise round where participants were asked to make an advertisement within 15 minutes. This round showcased their creative abilities and tested their team-building capabilities. Various skits were presented, and after the advertisement round, only five teams remained in the competition.

The third round was the crisis round, where teams were assigned financial crises that one might face in their company. They were given only one minute to think about how to resolve the unexpected crisis. This round tested the participants' critical thinking ability and their financial knowledge on how to resolve the issue.

With tough competition between Air Purifier-Clean Aura and Washing Machine-FusionCore Ventures in all three rounds, team Clean Aura won with a close margin.

With a rigorous and amusing start to this tenure, Team Saksham looks forward to achieving greater heights this year!

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