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Scrutinizing The Role Of Youth In The Society

The time period of life when an individual becomes a part of the youth of the country is that time period in which he/she starts enhancing his/her knowledge and also starts adding their contribution to the development and expansion of the society. 

Since the growth of a nation is widely dependent on the abilities of youth, it is really important for the youngsters of the nation to understand their roles and responsibilities toward society. 

There are some crucial roles that society expects from its youth and every responsible youthful mind must add some efforts to fulfill these roles. Some critical roles that the youth have towards the nation are:

1. To maintain the progress of the nation: Firstly,  to maintain the level of progress that the previous generation has achieved. This means that the youth must ensure that the progress done by the previous generation and success of the country is not ruined.

2. To enhance the progress of the nation: Secondly, to accelerate the progress of that nation. This acceleration of progress can mainly be done by the youth as they have that zeal and also knowledge to work in the present business and working environment. More working and passionate youth will automatically remove the poverty in the nation.

3. To maintain cooperative social feelings among the citizens: Apart from raising the economic progress of a nation, the youth also have a critical role to maintain the social feelings (including equality, friendship, helping nature) among all the individuals of the nation. Negative social feelings (including hatred, discrimination) among the youth always stop the well-being and enhancement of society.

4. To transform the unfavorable beliefs of the citizens: Youth through their knowledge and thoughts can also modify and improve the unfavorable beliefs such as stereotypical approach towards education of women and the discrimination among the underdeveloped class of the nation by enhancing the thoughts of the individuals of the nation towards these beliefs.

The role of the youth is mainly to renew and maintain the prosperity of the nation. Youth have a position to renew and refresh the modern reputation of the society consisting of leadership and innovations. Youth are predicted to advance the education, politics, and also peace of the country.

They also have the role to hold or maintain the cultures of the country. They are really enthusiastic and have the capacity to analyze and adapt to the environment. Similarly, they are willing to analyze and act on it as well as to reap their goals.

The old generation should always provide knowledge and experience to the youth to make them more capable to contribute their skills towards the expansion of the nation. Since the role of youth towards society is so critical, the government should also add efforts to enrich the abilities of the youth and should provide the path that will help them to grow.

It’s really crucial for the betterment of society to have educated and socially well aware youth. As an uneducated youth, unaware about his/her responsibilities many times add obstacles in the path of progress of the society by doing unethical activities. 

However, an educated youth always contributes his role in various struggles of the nation. Also, a socially aware youth always helps to lower the crimes happening in the nation by raising awareness and adding thoughts in the minds of the country’s individuals towards the well-being of the nation. 


The future progress and expansion of a nation and also the well-being of the society is always expressed to be in the hands of the youth. Therefore, the present youth must understand their responsibilities and roles towards the nation.

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