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Saksham’s Meme Farewell

“A moment lasts for seconds but the memories last forever.”

With the thought to revisit the moments and create forever lasting memories, members of Saksham planned a great evening for their seniors to bid them an emotional and happy farewell. Saksham’s Meme Farewell was organized on 1st June 2021 and as the name suggests the main theme of the event was Memes. Of course! Memes are the best way to make our seniors nostalgic as well as a little angry at the same time.

In these times of global pandemic, the world has shifted from physical to online platforms which have made us remember the importance of physical interactions. Even though, online conversations can never surpass the physical relations, the juniors of Saksham tried their best to make Meme Farewell a memorable event for the seniors. The event was to be executed on 1st June but the preparations started few days back as the Virtual Invitation cards for Satyawati College’s Saksham Meme Farewell were distributed to the seniors as well as the members of Saksham society. The official Instagram page of Saksham was flooded with the memes of seniors to celebrate this very auspicious cum amusing occasion.

On the day of the event, the virtual celebrations started with the welcoming of our guests a.k.a. seniors with an astonishing and melodious song performance by our special guest Mr. Pratyush. With beautiful lines of poetry, the farewell continued with the game of nonsense speech of movies named ‘Bollywood Gibberish’. The game consisted of 30 names of Bollywood movies which were jumbled to form a meaningless slang. Seniors had to make a guess of the correct name of the film and indeed these Bollywood lovers nailed in every single question.

College life is always a bunch of friends and endless mischiefs. So, to bring our seniors out from their professional to mischievous self, the next game was ‘Bingo: Satyawati College Edition’. The bingo had 25 blocks of activities related to college life and the seniors had to singularly cross the activities that they have done in their college. The game was undeniably enjoyed by everyone and the best part of it was the honesty of seniors.

Friends, memories, games and the occasion of farewell is a package of cheerfulness but when combined with an unexpected surprise it turns into a rainbow of joy. The virtual farewell was joined by the Super Seniors- batch 2020 of Saksham Satyawati College. At this point, farewell turned into a spree of storytelling. The Super Seniors shared their best memories of Saksham with their juniors which made everyone remember about their past.

After an emotional moment, there came a time to know our seniors deepest and funniest secrets. The next part of the event was ‘Anonymous Questions with seniors’. There were a series of questions written on a digital spinning wheel. Every senior was asked a humorous question which they had to answer truthfully. At the end of the anonymous question round, a lot of secrets were revealed.

To end this great evening, juniors of Saksham prepared a hilarious and emotional video for their seniors with the message to cherish them forever as friends. Indeed, Meme Farewell of Saksham Satyawati College 2021 was a splendid evening with a lot of laughter and few tears.

Our seniors will surely be missed!!

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