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Roadmap For UPSC

Are you also one of those aspirants whose dream is to be a government officer? Who dreams of grabbing a reputed job which offers prestigious positions like that of an IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS, IDAS, ICAS.. and many more?

If the answer is Yes, then you must not be unknown to the "UPSC Civil Service Examination", the most significant and toughest examination held for all the aspirants to recruit them for government job. It is not just any exam which needs you to secure some minimum percentage or marks in order to qualify, rather it is an exam which evaluates you and your problem solving capabilities practically as well. It is indeed an arduous exam held in our country, which justifies it's importance.

You must have encountered hundreds of doubts or queries about this exam. However, there is nothing to worry as Saksham: Placement and E-Cell of Satyawati College (M), organised a session under the title, "A Roadmap For UPSC", on 29th January 2022. We all were honoured to have Mr. Ravi Kapoor (IRS), who serves as the Deputy Commissioner, Ministry of Finance, Government of India; as the speaker for our session.

The one hour long zoom session was attended by almost 160+ students. Sir Ravi used elaborative slides and presentation to address the various points for concise explanation and better understanding for the students.

Questions like: Why the roadmap is important? How to decide and commit to the preparation? How to prepare in a nutshell? Several pointers required for the exam to be cleared were explained by sir such as to understand the exam first and then start with the preparation, to go through the syllabus and PYQs, to think critically and become very smart, general studies is the core of the exam, importance of current affairs, the way to learn, the need to be curious about the world, to start newspaper reading and increase knowledge. Furthermore, he explained "TOP 5" Protocol, to become a big picture thinker, and last but not the least, "THE HEXATASK METHOD" for syllabus completion.

These were all the topics which were thoroughly covered in the session, followed by a much needed Q&A session as well. This session was live streamed using the platform of YouTube as well.

The insights from this session shall prove to be a great start for all the aspirants, providing them the map which needs to be tracked in order to achieve the ultimate goal. Sir Ravi Kapoor indeed provided us with "A Roadmap For UPSC".

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