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New Team Saksham 2021-22

In the last week of September, there was a lot of buzz seen on Instagram created by the Placement cell of Satyawati College, University of Delhi. Did it reach you? Were you curious? And most importantly, what was it all about?

Well, the team used a nifty way to take away the spotlight. Saksham: The Placement and E-Cell of Satyawati College is pleased to announce it’s Office Bearers for the session 2021-2022. The “party” for everyone has begun. The Convener Dr. RS Bhardwaj, congratulated the entire faculty and the team along with the Principal Dr. Nirmal Jindal. He in his message, affirmed everyone that the team will come up to their expectations and that the committee is bound to provide the best platform to the students for career-counselling, road to entrepreneurship and suitable placement opportunities. He assured that through cooperation and coordination of Student Office Bearers and Committee, the session will manifest to be fruitful and a cake walk.

Next, raising a toast for his team, the President of society, Prateek Mundeja remembering his freshers years of fun and joy, assured that team Saksham is committed to the holistic development of each and every student of the college irrespective of his/her course and year.

Subsequently, the Vice President, Navya Jain expressed gratitude to her seniors and colleagues who encouraged and believed her throughout her journey. She wishes to see Saksham touching a better benchmark than all the previous years. She confided her trust on her juniors whom she’ll always support.

The other Vice President Simran Rana appreciated Saksham for making her all the more confident like never before. She vows to work for the upliftment of the society in as many possible ways.

Further, every Office Bearer cherished the time spent as being a part of Saksham family and gratified the opportunity given to them. They believe in hard work and dedication for enhancement of this society.

However, everyone witnessed an astounding previous year for the society in every aspect- the placements, events and the team but due to uncertainties COVID era, the tasks and agendas that faced a hurdle then, will now get fulfilled along with some very strong ones of this year. The team reckons that this session will be better than the previous one comprehensively.

They would like to share the fact that the team has its calendars booked for each month along with some planned offline events provided the pandemic situation rests well. The career counselling sessions will be on bang with lots of learning, drill and career focus. Invitation to various MNCs tops the list so that best of placements are offered to the students.

For the moment, we just want to applaud and honour the extra effort of each one of you who contributed to this society even in the slightest of the way and brought it a way forward, making it achieve what it is today. Stay informed with us through our social media handles to get updates of our working as #SakshamUnderConstruction and it’s #PartyHasBegun. We wish one and all to be a part of our road to success through your feedbacks/ suggestions!

Here is the full list of all the Office Bearers of Saksham for Session 2021-22: President - Prateek Mundeja Vice President - Navya Jain Vice President - Simran Rana

Chief Associate - Leesha Arora Chief Associate - Shreya Mittal Head of Research - Jagrit Sahni

Secretary - Parisha Gupta

Co-Secretary - Ishita Sharma Co-Secretary - Shreya Jaiswal Treasurer - Gagan Deep HR Head - Ridham Gagneja IT Head - Sakshi Singh

For more info, visit Team | Saksham Satyawati

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