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Monthly Report: September

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Placement and E-Cell of Satyawati College (M) had another rich month which saw various companies approaching, hunting for fresh talent for their organisation. Saksham, tries to avail quality placement opportunities for the students of Satyawati College and hence, tried the same this month too. The month of September had over 15 companies on board and one of the eye-catching company was Eigo Pathshala with 4lac(CTC). This list of companies also includes KalpGuru, Crack-Ed, The Nut and Pro, Garniche, Disha Electronics, Pub Crawlers, Daphins Labs and many more with handsome package and monthly incentives.

This month proved to be one of the most decisive one as it came up with fresh student office bearers for the academic session 2021-22. This clan is lead by Prateek Mundeja who stands at the post of President and is believed to be highly determined and goal oriented person. Each and every individual of the team is extremely enthusiastic, really talented and is expected to set high benchmark.

Their recently developed website is also performing its best and is expanding its reach with almost 1500 visitors monthly. The website is coming up with better and informative content subsequently. The last blog penned on stocks is a finest example of the same.

Ending this with a note that the members of Saksham function with a clear objective of securing higher placement record and better reach to the students at Satyawati college.

Also, the recruitment for joining team Saksham for session 2021-22 has also started and you can apply now by clicking here

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