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Monthly Report: October 2023

October was a bustling month filled with a multitude of events and activities. These ranged from organizing seminars and setting up desk to expanding team. Each of these occurrences served as valuable learning experiences, benefiting both our team and providing eager students at Satyawati College with fresh insights and opportunities. A desk was established to disseminate information to students about the form released by Saksham, aimed at collecting data regarding students' preferences for internships and placements. The objective was to understand the kinds of opportunities that students were seeking. The form was made accessible to students from all years and courses. Team members were assigned the responsibility of raising awareness among students about the desk's presence, assisting them in completing the form, and addressing any questions or concerns they might have. The response received was extensive, and the goal was successfully met, marking it as a triumph.

Students were consistently updated about internship and placement prospects. Rekonversations Academia, a self-funded startup, organized in-person pre-placement talks and interviews on campus for internships. Candidates who wished to participate were required to undergo a group discussion, followed by a personal interview for the shortlisted individuals. At the conclusion of these selection rounds, 4 of the successful students were offered the internship opportunity.

On the 27th of October 2023, Saksham hosted its first major event of the year which turned out to be a highly successful seminar titled “ How to start your journey as a civil servant aspirant” in collaboration with Vision IAS. The esteemed speaker for the event was Mr. Himanshu Khatri, a former Deputy Commissioner at IRS. Over 300 students attended the seminar, where Mr. Khatri provided invaluable guidance on how to effectively prepare for the civil services examination. He also shared personal insights from his own journey and addressed any questions or concerns the students had. This seminar served as a remarkable source of guidance and motivation for those with aspirations of cracking the UPSC. Additionally, it offered a valuable learning experience for individuals interested in understanding the intricacies of the UPSC examination and gaining insights from Mr. Khatri's experiences. Towards the end of the event, a brief interview was conducted with Mr. Himanshu Khatri, during which he generously answered questions, shared further knowledge, and recounted anecdotes from his career.

On the 30th of October 2023, another seminar titled "Preparation strategies for CAT and other management exams" was held. The event featured Mr. Navneet Anand as the speaker and was conducted in partnership with Career Launcher. This seminar proved to be a highly productive and engaging session, where challenging questions were deliberated with the audience. Mr. Anand provided insights, shared his experiences, and offered valuable advice and guidance for a successful journey in preparing of management exams. This event marked another great experience and lesson for the students as well as the Saksham team.

The marketing department of Saksham underwent a recruitment process, during which few new members were added to the team. As we embrace these new members, we eagerly anticipate the exciting journey that lies ahead. In conclusion, october was an eventful and enriching month for Saksham and the students at Satyawati College. It was a period of learning opportunities and productive initiatives. Each of these occurrences served as a further chance for growth, benefiting both our team and providing eager students with fresh insights and chances.

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