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Monthly Report: October

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

4 November, 2021, Thursday

Saksham: The Placement, Career Counselling and E-Cell of Satyawati College(M) witnessed a bustling month which was filled with different activities. Saksham provided varied placement opportunities, conducted academic tests and organized helpful webinars.

The Placement Cell actively ensured the arrival of good placement opportunities for the members of the society. This month the placement opportunities came from established firms or organizations such as Unschool, DU Connect, Jazba, Stubborn Factory, Inglu and Wipro. Unschool and Stubborn Factory offered stipend upto 5LPA and 3-5K respectively. Furthermore, DU Connect provided commission based stipend of Rs. 15000. Lastly, Wipro put forward an opportunity with 1 year stipend as Rs. 15,488 along with joining bonus and yearly increment.

Apart from job opportunities, the cell conducted an Online Career Assessment Test in association with Global University Systems for every third and second year student of Satyawati College. The test covered 5 Important Personality Dimensions- Style, Interest, Personality, Aptitude and Emotional Quotient as well as a 30 page Detailed Assessment Report for every student. This CAT is accredited by the National Career Association, USA.

The major attraction of October was the first counselling session conducted by Saksham for the session 2021-22 on the topic “Overseas Education”. The speaker for the session was Mr. Pankaj Sharma, alumni of Satyawati College. He is armed with a BA (Mathematics), BIT & MCA from India and an MBA from the UK. He has provided several sessions and expert guidance in the arena of abroad education. The session was attended by a lot of students from the college. In the end of the session, Mr. Sharma quenched a lot of inquisitive minds.

Lastly, Saksham managed to engage the members through knowledgeable blogs on its website.

Saksham wishes everyone a safe, joyful and positive festive season!

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