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Monthly Report: November 2023

The month of November was nothing short of a delight for SAKSHAM, a rollercoaster of emotions encompassing both highs and lows.

The month began with a vibrant kickoff, Team Saksham securing the second position in Startup Surge, a competition that rigorously assessed participants entrepreneurial abilities and was organized by MARG, the management society of Ram Lal Anand College. Team Saksham demonstrated unwavering enthusiasm and zeal for entrepreneurship. This exceptional dedication inevitably propelled them to secure the second position, marking yet another significant triumph in Saksham's achievements. Lovish Bagga, Raunak Jain, Salvi Jain, Divyansh and Sanah Anand showcased the epitome of teamwork and represented team Saksham in the event.

On the 24th of November, Saksham organized the Crisis Conclave—an intra-college problem-solving extravaganza designed to evaluate participants' ability to navigate adverse business scenarios and devise pragmatic solutions. Each team was assigned a distinguished company, along with a problem statement aka the crisis. The teams were given 10 minutes to carry out a group discussion going over the intricacies of the problem, its root causes, and formulating a strategic course of action, the chairman of the company would then present a meticulously crafted solution and executable plan to the press. And, finally, the curtain fell on the event with a press conference, where the teams were answerable to any questions that the press had regarding their solution. The event ended up being a huge success and Team Brainiacs emerged

victorious securing the first position.

Saksham opened its gates once again by carrying out another round of recruitment providing students another chance to be a part of Saksham’s team. A registration desk was set up on the 23rd, 24th, and 28th of November to inform students about this opportunity. The registered candidates went through a rigorous interview process and finally, after careful consideration and discussion, 11 out of the 72 students were selected and joined Saksham as new members.

On the 30th of November, Saksham organised Rivalrio 1.0, a business plan

competition with three challenging rounds. The first being an online presentation

submission on Unstop where various teams from various esteemed institutions

submitted their innovative business ideas for further evaluation. After careful

consideration, only the most promising teams advanced to the second round.

Selected teams were invited to the Satyawati campus for the Second round where they passionately pitched their business ideas to the panel of two esteemed judges who would then assess their pitch on the basis of feasibility, creativity, and originality of their ideas. The 3rd round was a surprise for the teams, The Final dilemma—a crisis round where the teams were presented with unforeseen circumstances in their business ventures and were supposed to come up with practical solutions to tackle such unexpected challenges.

Emerging victorious in this fiercely contested competition was Team Incisive from

Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, acclaimed for their exceptionally

brilliant concept—SAWAARI, an e-rickshaw rental service.

An intra-society Model United Nations(MUN) took place in the first week of December with the agenda “Deliberation Upon Addition Of Extra Members To The Existing Core Of Saksham With Special Emphasis On Competence Of The Candidates And Efficiency Of The Department’s Workings”. The dialogue and exchange of ideas in the Model United Nations (MUN) provided a valuable forum for the presentation of diverse perspectives. Even when faced with arguments from the opposition that one may not necessarily agree with, the common platform of the MUN fostered an environment that played a crucial role in shaping ideas and fostering a deeper understanding of various perspectives.

The winners were as follows:

BEST MEMBER- Sanchit Agarwal




VERBAL MENTION- Sreyans Mohapatra

Despite the challenges, SAKSHAM continued its streak of successes, adding several new achievements to its legacy. From hosting competitions on our campus to clinching victories in external competitions, the month unfolded a diverse array of experiences and accomplishments.

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