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Monthly Report: December

Saksham: The Placement and E-cell of Satyawati College(M) is an interface that allows college students to reach out to the respective recruiters and get quality exposure through internships and job opportunities. 

In the month of December, the placement cell brought forth various opportunities for the students from several established firms or organizations namely Pub crawlers, Data folkz, Leverage Edu, MyWays, Graviens Edu Services, Tutorbin, Girlup Rooh, Tricy and Planetspark. Data Folkz offered 3 lakh CTC and 5 LPA, on the other hand Leverage Edu offered 3-3.3 LPA. Moreover, MyWays, Graviens Edu Services and TutorBin offered a stipend of INR 8-10k, 6k and 45k respectively based on per month in Traineeship. Lastly, Pub Crawlers offered a performance-based stipend of INR 100 to 1000/- per conversion and PlanetSpark proposed a CTC of INR 20,000 + incentives before probation, 6.5 LPA after probation. All in all, the last month of the year saw a fairly exuberant share of opportunities.

In addition to all of the above, the cell also played a vital role in helping students gain knowledge on prospects by organizing insightful sessions. 

On 13th December 2021, Saksham collaborated with Unacademy to conduct a counselling session with Mr. Suneet Kumbhar on the topic ‘Careers After Graduation'. Mr. Suneet Kumbhar is a top educator for MBA aspirants, having scored 100%tile in CAT three times. He’s an IIT Delhi - IIM Calcutta alumnus who has guided 1000+ students to reach top Indian business schools since 2015. The 1-hour live session was centred upon all the considerable options for college graduates like opting for higher studies, building a start-up or pursuing MBA and was attended by over 170 students.

Another session was organized on 17th December on the topic ‘After Effects - Master the foundation of Animation!’ in association with Internshala. Mr. Arun Singh Panwar was the speaker of the event who is the Art Director at Internshala and has more than 12 years of experience in Animation as a faculty, 2D & 3D animator, TV commercial director, motion graphics designer, product visualizer, and video editor. The session was attended by a good deal of students and included learnings of the basics of Adobe After Effects and how real-life gravity works in Animation.                   


Apart from the opportunities and sessions, the website was also updated on regular intervals with new, innovative, and benevolent blogs such as the ‘All you need to know about Satyawati College Societies’ blog by Khushi Rao which got over 800 views. The other blogs that were posted on the website during this time interval were — ‘Everything about a growing business & its importance in an economy’, ‘How to Improve your Leadership Skills - Innovative Personal Growth’, ‘Easy snacks to cook on Christmas!’, ‘What is Failure?’, ‘Discipline in Students’ life’ and many more. Placement opportunities were also being posted on the website simultaneously.

Lastly, the cell concluded the year by organizing a team-building event, which was truly a joy to behold! It wasn’t at all a surprise to note how interesting and interactive the event had become in just a matter of a few minutes, with all the games and talent-hunting.

As the new year means the beginning of a new chapter, we at Saksham certainly hope that 2022 is an incredible part of your story. 

Saksham wishes everyone a very Happy New Year!

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