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Insightful Seminar and Delightful Orientation

On 29th of November 2022, Saksham: Placement, Career Counselling and Entrepreneurship Cell of Satyawati College (Morning), successfully organized a Seminar on 'Personality Development for Placement and MBA Entrance' along with the Society’s Orientation Program to welcome all the new members from the first year which were selected to be a part of the society after a strenuous process of taking 200+ interviews which were taken by the heads of all the departments with cooperation from senior members.


The seminar was conducted in collaboration with Career Launcher which focused on shaping the lives & careers of students during the 25 years of its existence. The guest speaker for the seminar was the Business Head of CL Educate Mr. Navneet Anand.

He covered everything a fresher would initially have doubts about when he/she first steps into the corporate world, from ‘How to prepare your CV’ to ‘Personal Interview’. Minute details like seating posture, formal way of dressing up, greeting gestures, and mannerisms while walking in were discussed, making the seminar informative, inspiring, and interactive.


When you don’t feel isolated in a place where you are new is the moment you realize you do belong there. This is what the majority of newly selected members felt in the seminar room, all at once. The curation of this program was like none other from the introduction of the President and Office Bearers in not a very formal setting to interaction among all the members through a fun game of BINGO! (of the college experience in its first week). It was worth our time. Everyone got to know their departments and their heads as well as about all the other departments which made a point of the importance of unity and how every department is interdependent.

All of this was a huge success because of the hardworking team that Saksham is fortunate to have.

A very warm welcome to all the new members. Must share your experiences in the comment section!

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