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How Chat GPT reduces creativity?

One of the most recent research of the time is CHAT GPT (Chat Generative Pre Trained Transformer ). It was developed by an AI Research company . The biggest capability of it is, it generate texts like human beings. These AI’s and other tools have immense potential in various applications but also it is the biggest concern for the individuals who heavily rely on it. It stiffens one's creativity and can have adverse effects with it’s excess usage. People must maintain a balance in it’s usage.

With the usage of it, creativity of an individual is limiting as such people use the templates, phrases , captions suggested by it instead of thinking something innovative which limits the process of innovating the new ideas.

It also, reduces the exploration or the efforts to do something. As in ancient times, if people wanted to know something they had to read books, scriptures, texts and literary pieces to get the information and with the passage of time internet search engines took place of them.

When people used to explore different ways to get information they learnt to channel their insights and mindfulness which enhanced their personal growth but with this instant solution method nobody would work towards introspection and creative thinking which would directly affect individual growth. In practical critical situation where these modes are not a feasible option and there should be spontaneous reactions the mind fails to acknowledge the obstacle and does not generate accurate responses.

As every coin has two sides and everything has pros and cons it is also a favourable situation only upto the time it has limited usage it can favour a person else the human creation can be harmful to it's own kind.

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