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Exams And Stress

Exams; you might want to or maybe you're already running away from this word. For many young people, examinations are stressful. Do you feel sick when your exams are around the corner? Do you lose touch with your friends and enjoy your life lesser when the exams are around? This is what we call Exam Stress. There can be a lot of reasons because of which you're facing exam stress.

• You are worried about the result

While studying, students generally think about how well they will do in the exam. Our education system is mostly result-oriented. We're judged based on how much we score, whether it be for higher education or the day to day life.

It's not completely wrong when people judge you based on your marks as it shows how much hard work and time you've given it but this is not the only parameter to decide your future. If you're good at some sport and you want to become a sportsperson, nobody will care about how much you're scoring. However, if your career path requires a good score in the examinations, then yes, that single sheet of paper can decide your future.

• You find it hard to understand what you’re studying

Lack of Concentration is a common problem among the youth these days. We get zoned out while studying because we have a lot of distractions surrounding us.

Busy workspaces might look fascinating but it can distract you from the core task and you'll end up wasting a lot of time. You can work in a place where you don't get distracted by what is going on outside. Also, uninstalling distracting apps or turning off unnecessary notifications can help a lot in utilizing your time judiciously.

• You feel unprepared or haven’t had time to study

This can be due to some uncertainty but mostly because we procrastinated our studies. We realize that we've wasted all the time a night before our exam or maybe the same morning, but it's already too late by that time.

Stop procrastinating and see the change in your lifestyle. This doesn't mean that you're supposed to work the whole day. Rather, take breaks when required and reward yourself with small treats.

• You need to learn and recall a large amount of information for an exam

Not all of us are good learners and we need more time to memorize than our peers.

This is where time management is important. We have different goals than our fellow students and so, we need a different schedule. We might need double or triple time to memorize what we studied than any other student but at the same time, we might need half the time to understand the concepts. We can be good at something and bad at the other. Giving appropriate time to everything is supposed to be our first task.

• You need a particular exam result to gain entry into another course or career path

Moving ahead in a career requires a good result and that's what makes us stressed. We always have a negative thought in our mind that what will happen if we do not achieve the required result.

But, every coin has two sides. This stress can be used as a motivator too. The thought that we have to achieve a particular result anyhow or we won't get what we want keeps us pushing forward in our life.

• You feel pressure from your family to succeed

Family pressure is a very common problem among all of us. Our parents are not wrong when they expect high from us as they've invested highly in us. When they're working beyond their comfort zone for us, they expect us to stand up to their expectations. However, the family members should understand what the borderline is and that over-pressurizing may have negative consequences. We can make them understand by communicating about it with them. By telling them our life goals and plans, we can make them worry about us less and also get advice for our future.

• You’re experiencing stress in another part of your life

Nobody is having a perfect life. We'll try to solve one thing and we will have another problem waiting for us. When we are stressed about something, it is difficult to focus on anything else. But sleeping on time, meditating and patience can solve all of that.

Exams can be stress-free if you want them to and if you know how to make them. staying happy is important in all parts of life.

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