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Easy Snacks To Cook On Christmas!

Craving cakes, patisseries and plums? Oh heavens I feel how obese I’ll become. There is something suspicious about 12:00 am. Sit on your couch and your mind reminds you of that leftover chocolate in the fridge, roll on the bed and you’ll think why the hell fondue is so cheesy, use your phone and you’ll fantasize chicken hamburgers you’ll be eating in a café next. Food is an emotion and so is Christmas. It may happen to appear once in a year but, you can make the Nutella spread at any moment once you knew these appealingly delicious snacks. All you need is your desire to bake and the necessary ingredients.

1. Snowman Oreo Balls: Oreo biscuits are so toothsome. Dense, sweet and the perfect balance of cream. To make this dish, biscuits are coated in melted vanilla, placed one above the other and decorated to look like a frosty man. The mini Oreo sprinkles on the top make it even more adorable.

2. Peppermint White Chocolate Popcorn: Hot popcorns, peppermint and a tiny dip of white chocolate- three ingredients, 30 minutes, what a bliss. It is sweet, chocolaty and super minty. This sweet and salty crunch makes this snack a sure to try.

3. Hot Chocolate: Hot cocoa midst a chilling breeze, satisfying right? This treat is rich and smooth. You can add marshmallows, cinnamon or even a pinch of salt as per your preference.

4. Pizza Rolls: Bread rolls, capsicum, onion, tomatoes, oregano and a lots mozzarella. Push it in your oven or you can try air frier pizza rolls as they are less greasy and crispier. Bet your stomach will gurgle while you’re topping the bread.

5. Snowflake Cookies: All you need here is those basic baking ingredients, cookie cutters and a 40 minutes patience. They are spongy, sugary and beautiful and you won’t require any artistic skills to decorate them. Sprinkling powdered sugar will do.

6. Jingle Sandwiches: This is a whole snack. Essentials include fresh veggies, spinach leaves and a dab of fresh mayo & crispy onions. It is best accompanied with cranberry sauce.

7. Peanut Butter Balls: These appetizing balls of yumminess have thick, creamy centres and rich, shiny chocolate coatings. You can top them in shredded coconut or anything that adds the texture and extra flavour you crave.

8. Fruit Kabobs: This is a nostalgic snack for gym bunnies. Strawberry sticks dipped in dark chocolate, kiwis in a banana smoothie or any fruit combination you set your heart on would be a perfect fix for your hunger.

There are many other unique mixtures that can feed your sweet emptiness. Discover the pastry cook in you this foggy Christmas Eve, sustain your family and do not forget to donate to those whose legs cannot afford to step into that expensive bakery shop. Spread love, Merry Christmas!

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