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December: Read A New Book Month

Hey guys, the Majestic December has arrived and asked about your plans to end this beautiful year of 2022. You all must know that December is the official Read A New Book Month. So, it’s time for everyone to hop on and become a part of this magical journey of book reading. “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you will go” By - Dr. Seuss, An American author

Read a new book month is a vibrant and delightful occasion observed in the entire month of September and December, every year. And if you are thinking that this juncture is reserved for avid book readers only, in that case, you are highly mistaken as this occasion welcomes and encourages everyone, of any age, to read as many books as they can to inculcate a knowledgeable and creative lifestyle with their mindset opened to new philosophies and possibilities. When people start their reading journey, they can easily find themselves swept in an enchanting world of unique and fascinating characters and stories. Reading books help establish a bond between the author and reader and this way, the reader sees and experiences the world through the author’ss. Isn’t this wonderful? A New Book Month is the perfect opportunity to pick and buy the book or novel that you’ve been wanting to read, that fiction novel you borrowed from a friend but never read, or that Encyclopedia that your mom bought for you that you’ve been meaning to read. Guess what, It’s the best time to start reading them. That’s the perfect way to celebrate Read A New Book Month.

HISTORY OF READ A NEW BOOK MONTH Books have always stood as a witnessing figure to great wonders. For example, the spreading of knowledge, the sharing of stories and tales, and the expansion of mindset by applying the ideas one got from reading books. For centuries, they have been crucial for humans to be able to expand their minds beyond time. The first written word seems to have appeared in 3400 BC, and the first story was The Epic of Gilgamesh, a tale of the eponymous ruler of the Sumerian city-state of Urak who ruled between 2700-2500 BC, told in mythological style. While this first tale was written on clay tablets long before the more convenient medium of paper was invented, it nonetheless qualified as a book.


YEAR- 1836 — BOOK SLEEVES APPEAR Getting creative to help readers keep hardback-covered books in good shape, book jackets begin to be used. YEAR- 1926 — BOOK OF THE MONTH STARTED Starting as a mail-order business, this club helped launch the careers of some important American authors, including Earnest Hemingway and J.D. Salinger. YEAR- 1935 — DEBUT OF PENGUIN PAPERBACKS Changing the way the world reads books, Penguin improved the “cheap” reputation of paperbacks by choosing “high class” titles for easy, quality reading. YEAR- 1998 — READ ACROSS AMERICA IS FOUNDED With the purpose of promoting literacy, the National Education Association founded a year-round celebration of reading.

HOW TO CELEBRATE READ A NEW BOOK MONTH Reading is phenomenal, and once it becomes a hobby, there’s no going back. The best way to celebrate this special occasion is definitely by READING A BOOK of course. But, this shouldn’t be the only month that people should be reading new books, but hopefully, it will motivate and inspire people in such a way that they keep coming back to read more books. With set priorities and a proper schedule, it’s easy to keep the passion ignited for persisting through this lovely reading journey.


1.)EXPLORE YOUR SCHOOL/COLLEGE LIBRARY The plethora of knowledge and cultural elements that a library is bound to provide is unmatched. The resources and services they offer create a vast variety of opportunities for learning, support, literacy and education, and help shape the new ideas and perspectives that are central to a creative and innovative society. The peaceful and serene environment of a library gives a person much-needed peace of mind along with authentic knowledge created and accumulated by past generations. Sometimes, it’s perfect to try the school/ college libraries to grow friendships with books.

2.)PURCHASE SECOND-HAND/USED BOOKS Though books are great knowledge enhancers and you should definitely purchase some to begin your reading journey, But sometimes, many people want to purchase books but hesitate due to the high price. And that is really disconcerting. But don’t worry we got a solution for you all which is, buying second-hand or used books, which provides great relief to students as well. Investing in these books saves money and time and fulfils our requirements. 3.)JOIN A BOOK CLUB Like Sports clubs, there are book clubs as well where you can make reading your daily or weekly habit by enrolling in them. You also get to meet with like-minded people, with whom you can get together to read and discuss different books each month. This is an amazing way to make friends, exchange ideas, and engage with people of different backgrounds, and of course, doing all this while sipping in plenty of knowledge from reading books. Who wouldn’t want all this? THIS IS FABULOUS.

QUIRKY FACTS ABOUT READ A NEW BOOK MONTH — Celebrated from 1st to 30th September and then, 1st to 31st December — Often tagged as - Hobbies and Activities And- Reading and Writing — Most popular hashtag used - #ReadANewBookMonth

READ A NEW BOOK MONTH (FAQs) —- HOW DO BOOKS HELP YOU SHAPE A CREATIVE AND INNOVATIVE MIND? Reading new books help us to imagine new things which in turn, bring about new ideas. It encourages and boosts creativity and innovation. Firstly, you learn from others’ experiences and adapt the learning to your environment to create something spell-binding. Secondly, you not only see the world through your eyes but also the writers’ eyes which is captivating. — HOW TO FIND BOOKS CATERING FOR YOUR INTERESTS? There are various ways one can try to find books of their interest. Firstly, you must emphasise your goal and purpose in life and explore books of the same nature. Or else, you can just walk into a bookstore or public library and pick a book of any genre which intrigues you or strikes your fancy and if you can vibe with what you brought, then you are good to go. — HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO READ A BOOK? Depending on the book, it might take just a few hours to read a book or it could be 15-20 hours if it’s a 500+ page book. So, it’s pretty easy to finish a new book in a month. SO WHICH BOOK WILL YOU READ IN THIS MONTH? TELL US IN THE COMMENT SECTION!

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