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Career.... Your Way!

We all need some light when in dark...That's indispensable in order to walk through the tunnel of life.

I hope we all agree with it. The same is true for the students who are confused for their career after they graduate. Some of us have it all planned out and some are indeed clueless, on how to survive the tough competition that is inevitable.

To come to our aid, on 13th of December, a session on Career After Graduation was conducted by The Saksham: Career Counselling, Placement and Entrepreneurship Society of Satyawati College in collaboration with Team Suneet Kumbhat on the Unacademy platform. This 1 hour inclusive live session was joined in by over 170 attendees. It focussed on all the considerable options for graduates , which were not only limited to finding a corporate job, which definitely is a first choice for most, but also included other alternatives like opting for higher studies related to our core subject, building a start-up and not to forget the highlight of the session , that is, pursuing MBA.

According to the stats, MBA is the most recruiting course of our country and this speaks for its importance. This session deemed to be immensely helpful for those who were a part of it, as the doubts raised and sorted provided us some insights on the keys of preparation for MBA entrance exams as well. The pertinent topics and instances proved to be worth the time spent or rather invested in the session, which would not be possible without the efforts of Sir Suneet Kumbhat and team Saksham of Satyawati College.

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