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All You Need To Know About Satyawati College Societies

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

All you need to know about Satyawati College Societies

It seems like a victory once you've completed all of the highly challenging sections of "DU's online portal." But, as you all know, the gateway served only as a trailer for the film throughout your time at The Delhi University.

"Finding the society according to your niche and hobbies," according to me, is the second, highly anxious and confused phase for a fresher. "What are Societies?" is still the initial phase.

And, in order to make it a little easier for you - ‘College societies are one such platform that allows students to participate in a variety of activities while also allowing them to polish their abilities through active participation in numerous creative fields of interest.’

That being said, every college at DU has two types of societies: Regulated and Non-Regulated. On a more general note, there is no difference in the goals and plans of these societies, regardless of whether they are one of the two mentioned above; all of them give equal representation to each volunteer they possess. The difference between the two types, however, is in their operations, authorities, and regulations. For example, the regulated ones directly report to the college body, whereas the non-regulated ones can operate independently with no direct link to the college. As a result, Satyawati College, like any other college at DU, has both types of societies.

  1. Regulated (Only for morning batch students)

  2. Non-Regulated (For both the Morning & Evening batch students)

Here’s the list of the societies, to learn more about each of them, their workings and which of the two types do they belong to, further read the article,

(all the societies are mentioned in alphabetical order)

● Abhivyakti (The Debating Society)

● Connecting Dreams Foundation (CDF)

● Corporates (The Commerce Society)

● Enactus

● Illuminer Counsel

● National Cadet Corps (NCC)

● National Service Scheme (NSS)

● RAW (The Dance Society)

● Ritva (Eartha)

● Saksham (The Placement Cell)

● Satyawati Consulting Group (SCG)

● TEDxSatyawatiCollege

● Third Act (The Dramatics Society)

● Utkarsh (Arts & Culture Society)



Abhivyakti is the official Bilingual Debating Society of Satyawati College (Morning). It is a debating bouquet and repository of several kinds of debates such as Conventional Debates , Parliamentary Debates, Turncoats , Moot Courts and Youth Parliaments /MUNs. We promote and disseminate new debating gems coming from different parts of India. We celebrate hidden aptitude and aspire to connect enthusiasts of dynamic and incredibly young talents of debating.

Abhivyakti has brought many laurels to the Satyawati college over the past many years by bringing in many international and national debate competitions trophies. We at Abhivyakti are optimistic to widen this legacy and welcome you all to the family of thinkers and leaders of tomorrow.

We work in close knot with the administration with Dr. RS Bhardwaj being our Teacher convenor.

For more details , Contact -

Akshay Anand

Society Head Coordinator


Kush Kishor

Debate Coordinator


Yudhveer Singh

Debate Coordinator


Instagram Link - ABHIVYAKTI (@abhivyaktithedebsoc) • Instagram photos and videos



Connecting Dreams Foundation chapter Satyawati is a youth-led initiative which strives to work towards youth & women empowerment in rural India through entrepreneurship.

We work on a diverse set of challenges at the individual and group level in alignment with the 17 UN SDGs.

We here at CDF provide a platform for young changemakers in our college to bring about a sustainable and scalable change to explore and be part of a social revolution.

CDF works on a simplified 3C model of change-making i.e. Collect, Create, and Change. Collection of dreams, creation of well researched models of change-making and bringing about the change is what young entrepreneurs strive to bring so as to Spark their aspirations and create a positive impact in others lives.

We plan to build a team of young, thoughtful, and active minds and for that the recruitment procedure will start after 5th of December. Interested candidates are requested to fill the google form. Shortlisted candidates will appear for the Personal interview round and a group discussion round. We believe in bridging the boundaries and we recruit both morning and evening, college students.

Ours is a non-regulated society and the convener is Mrs Monika Gupta from Political Science Department.

For more information regarding recruitment and criteria, you can contact :

Samthruptha P P :

91884 28341

(Vice President)

Jatin Kumar :


(General Secretary)

Instagram: CDF-SATYAWATI Chapter (@cdf_satyawati) • Instagram photos and videos



Enactus Satyawati is a leading global Non-Profit Organisation registered under Enactus India run by students who have a head for business and a heart for the world. The aim of the organisation is to work for the betterment of the society by helping the impoverished classes of people transform into entrepreneurs and

earn their own living by selling the products that are beneficial for the environment as well. Over the years, Enactus Satyawati has uplifted numerous underprivileged communities and helped them achieve stable income and stand tall on their ground as entrepreneurs.

Recruitment Procedure-

(Recruitment will be in the month of January)

1. The first step is form-filling. Register yourself by filling out the recruitment form.

2. The second step involves completion of the task based upon the department one selects in the form.

3. The final step is a Personal Interview.

We recruit students from both morning and evening shift of the college so as to work altogether.

To the freshers, we want to say that Enactus is a society that enact innovative ideas, build communication and leadership skills and empower people. You will gain real world experience along with corporate visits and a chance to represent college at national level competitions.

If you think like a social entrepreneur and want to be a part of the change, join us.

For more information, contact:

Poorty Shahi



Mayank Kharbanda


(Vice President)

Aryan Tuteja


(Vice President)

Instagram: Enactus Satyawati (@enactus_satyawati) • Instagram photos and videos



ILLUMINER COUNSEL_Satyawati (IC) is a platform which is initiated with an aim to collect as much as students to glorify the skills they already posses and to provide them an opportunity to gain other flourishing skills along with making them aware of what is happening in the world.

The recruitment procedure will start after 8th of December. A google form will be circulated and interested ones can fill the form. Shortlisted candidates will appear for a Personal interview. We recruit both morning and evening students.

Members of IC are benefited with regular webinars or sessions we host with professional experts. IC will enhance your skills like leadership ,communication, teamwork and many more.

For information related to recruitment process, you can contact :

Mahima Singh

80768 83391


Shambhavi Gupta


(General Secretary)

Instagram: ILLUMINER COUNSEL SATYAWATI (@illuminercounsel_sc) • Instagram photos and videos



The NCC unit of the college trains boys and girls as cadets in the Army and Navy wings. Our cadets have had the honor of participating in the Republic Day parade and Special National Camps. Rigorous training that the students undergo in NCC helps them maintain a fine balance between mind and body.

Instagram: Satyawati College NCC (Army) (@ncc_satyawaticollege) • Instagram photos and videos



College has an active group of student volunteers associated with the NSS. The National Service Scheme (NSS) is a Central Sector Scheme of Government of India, Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports.

Every year, the NSS wing hosts the "Sarokar", i.e. the annual function of Satyawati College.

Volunteers from the National Service Scheme recently had the opportunity to work with the Election Commission of India and other government agencies too. In addition, NSS volunteers lead reading sessions for visually impaired kids. Working with the local slum population, organising and participating in blood donation camps, the Red Ribbon Club, teaching children of construction workers on the college campus, and a variety of other online and offline activities are just a few of their efforts.

Moreover, NSS's work is inextricably tied to that of the ministry, and all tasks are delegated to the team. In addition, Team NSS hosts an annual camp for all of its volunteers each year, to have a better knowledge of exposure, livelihood, and environmental factors.

The convenor of this society is Dr. Aditaya Narayan Mishra from Political Science Department.

The recruitment form for this society is out and open until 8th December, 2021 and will be followed up by a set of interviews later.

In case you have any queries, reach out -

Shreya Singh



Khushi Rao

Vice President


Instagram: NSS Satyawati (M) (@nss_satyawati) • Instagram photos and videos



Saksham: Career Counselling, Placement and Entrepreneurship Cell of Satyawati College(M) serves as an interface between the recruiters and the students which aims to give exposure about the corporate world through quality internships and job opportunities.

The cell also plays a vital role by helping students to gain insightful perspective on their future prospects by conducting counselling sessions, webinars, seminars, workshops, guest lectures, personality development programs etc. which helps incorporating commercial skills and help them secure quality placements and internships.

The Placement Cell ensures the recruitment through one of the best companies each year for the college students. The past openings were proposed by some well-established enterprises namely Jio, Drool, WIPRO, Unschool, Swiggy, PlanetSpark, eigoPathshala, Peacock Solar and a lot more.

The recruitment has been concluded on 2nd of December, 2021.

Dr. R.S. Bhardwaj is the teacher convenor of our regulated society and works in his guidance.

For queries or details, contact:-

Prateek Mundeja


+91 93511 28945

Navya Jain

Vice- President

+91 91677 09215

Parisha Gupta


+91 99100 68106

Instagram: Saksham Satyawati College (@saksham_satyawaticollege) • Instagram photos and videos



Satyawati Consulting Group(SCG) is a student-based community where like-minded students come together and work on real-world case problems. We aspire to deliver a feasible business plan & strategic market solutions with consulting strategies to achieve their business goals. The aim is to maximize extensive learning in reciprocity providing solutions to various businesses, startups, NGOs, and more.

We at SCG believe in providing quality inputs for businesses, NGOs, and CSOs and for that we’re planning to build a team of smart, enthusiastic and active people so as to support intra community learning.

We recruit from both Morning & Evening college.

For more information regarding recruitment or about the type of work, you can contact:

Kaushal- +91 93101 35687

Jatin- +91 7836894284

You can also reach out to us on:

Linkedin -

Instagram - Satyawati Consulting Group (@satyawaticonsulting) • Instagram photos and videos

● TEDxSatyawatiCollege :-


TEDxSatyawatiCollege is an independently organized local programme by the youthful students of Satyawati College, University of Delhi. This dignified event is inspired by the focal idea of TED representing "Ideas Worth Spreading". The spirit of this society believes in the fact that the long-standing perceptions of life needs to the rebuild for a finer society.

The conference will feature diversified talks which will cover aspects from individual psychology to social conduct. Furthermore, competent orators will preside over the event as the speakers for different talks. In addition to this, there will be amusing performances by proficient individuals.

TEDxSatyawatiCollege is encouraged by the visions to formulate an informed, responsible, stout-hearted and reformed community.

The recruitment process began on 28th November 2021 and will continue till 7th December 2021.

This society is under the purview of College Administration hence can be called a regulated society. Mr. RS Bhardwaj is looking after the work of this society.

For more details, contact:-

Parisha Gupta

+91 99100 68106

Ishita Sharma

+91 8368091045

Instagram: TEDxSatyawatiCollege (@tedxsatyawaticollege) • Instagram photos and videos



One of the most active societies of the college is the dramatics society, 'The Third Act', holds theatre workshops, lectures and drama productions. This society recognizes the need for young people to express their emotions creatively. Through focused theatre workshops, hidden acting talents are recognized and polished which invariably results in brilliant performances by amateurs. The students have been provided a spacious room in Block A to conduct their workshops and carry on with their practice sessions.



The arts and culture society provides a platform for the expression of the creative energy of the young students. The society organizes dance and musical performances and events that enliven college life and groom the students. The college has many students who are trained in classical as well as folk forms of dance. The society taps this talent pool and trains the students for performances and competitions within the college and other as well as universities.

This article has been condensed from all of the information we could gather from various sources; the societies whose information could not be provided did so solely due to a lack of information availability. Yet, in today's digital age, you can undoubtedly find additional information on various social media platforms! I hope this article was helpful, and I wish you the best of luck in your term at Satyawati College. Make the most of it by utilising it correctly.

If you have any further queries, please write it down in the comment section. We will try to help you as much as we can.

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