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A Vision Board For Your Daily Manifestations

Do you want to turn your dreams into reality? What if I say that it’s wholly possible to do so and that too in a creative way? However, first we need to understand what all of this means and for that we need to look into the words ‘manifest’ and vision board’. So, to manifest something is to create something in the real world or, in technical terms, something theoretical made real. Having a vision is to visualize your future into it becoming reality or to imagine.

Now that we’ve understood what these terms mean, let’s look at how a Vision Board works –

A Vision board is a great way of saying “Yes please!” to all your wishes. Vision boards came into huge popularity since the book and movie, The Secret got released in 2006. The book talks about the universal Law of Attraction and how our mind through our thoughts control most things that happen to us daily. To summarize it in an example, the book suggests that the universe is like the Genie from Aladdin, it will grant whatever wish there is in your mind by saying “Your wish is my command!”. Therefore, using a vision board can be a great way to control our wave of thoughts and focus them upon a singular goal so that the Universe can start working on its deliverance. This can also be done through the constant use of positive affirmations.

Since visualization is an integral part of this process, seeing your goals pinned to a board in front of you makes it easier for your mind to imagine YOU In them. Suppose you wish to have a car in six months, but you don’t know how or from where you’ll get the money for it. The easiest way you can start the process of car coming to you is by sticking a picture of it on your vision board. The more greatly you wish for it, the faster you’ll attract it. I’m not just saying this by merely reading it in a book or watching it in a movie, I’ve experienced this law of attraction in my life. I’ve always looked at my vision board to remind me what I am doing everything for.

Believing and trusting in your dream is the most important key to attaining it. So, whenever you set a goal, be it a long-term or short-term goal, believe in the universe, that it shall deliver it.

So, the question that arrives in our mind now is: How do we make a vision board that is powerful enough to impact our life?

Here are a few steps-


One of the most important and initial steps towards making a vision board is choosing a board. This board can be whatever size you feel would be comfortable, And, according to the number of pictures you are going to put upon it. You can buy a board or the ones having a nudge in editing can try making a virtual vision board through apps like Canva or adobe photoshop. Some people do prefer a vision board wallpaper on their phones or whatever gadgets they are using. One of the reasons behind this is that a vision board works more efficiently when looking at it in small intervals. Having said that, we come to what place is most suitable to place a vision board. You should always try to pick a place that is in your direct sight and emits a good vibe.


You can try writing down your long and short-term goals in a journal to get a clear picture of what you want in your future. Whether it’s a house, car, dream job, relationship or ideal body you are going after, sorting out your priorities will help get into a good headspace before sitting down to make a vision board. Once you’ve figured out your dreams and goals, visualize them happening whenever you meditate, daydream or write in your journal.


Browse through Pinterest or pick up your favorite magazine and start by gathering images that resonate with you and your dreams. If you don’t consider yourself that creative, then you can just search for ready-made or inspiration for vision boards on google or Pinterest. I’ve always wanted to decorate my room so when I made my vision board, I added a few pictures of a room I would want (some of them have been added to my room since I first made the vision board). You could also add some positive affirmations or quotes like ‘I am creating the life of my dreams’ to your collection. The main motive of this step is to create a positive space on your board so that whenever you look at it, you feel like you can and will achieve everything on it.


Now that you’ve collected all the images and quotations that you’ll be using, start putting the vision board together using some glue, pins, tapes or whatever is required. If you are making it on canva or any other editing app, make sure to use your space according to how you prioritize your goals. For example, if your main goal, for now, is to buy a car then put the image of that car in the middle so that whenever you look at your vision board your attention goes directly to the picture of your dream car. Once your vision board is ready, hang it in the place you allotted it beforehand.


Okay so you’ve made the vision board, now what?

This is the most crucial step for making your vision board work. Once you’ve clarified your vision and made your board, your job is simply to look at it often, and trust that the Universe will provide you with the opportunities to manifest each and everything you truly desire. Look at the images and be grateful for them being accomplished in the future. If you want to see serious changes in your life, look at your vision board every day for at least a few minutes, this is not to say that you keep on staring at it 24/7. This is mainly for you to be aware of your goals and get the motivation to work towards making them happen.

So, get to it! Your vision board doesn’t need to look perfect; it must be good enough for you to manifest the life of your dreams. And keep your trust in the Universe, it might just astonish you.

PS- if one of your goals has been to get an amazing job or internship opportunity, you might just be in luck. Saksham is hosting its most awaited event of the year -- the annual placement fair very soon and it is going to be immaculate. So, stay tuned!

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