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A Session With Athena Square

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Saksham: Career Counselling and Placement Cell of Satyawati College collaborated with Athena Square for two very interactive sessions on higher education with mentors Shlok Gupta and Inaara Kheraj.

The very first session was conducted by Inaara Kheraj on ‘Masters in Analytics from US’ via online meet on Google Meet. Inaara being an alumnus of Columbia University and holding experience in Data Science was successful in conducting the session in a well-structured manner where she began with how any student with economics or commerce as a background could make their transition into the field of data science. Her words were supported by a well-prepared ppt which represented the flow of works needed to go under to get into IVY League and find opportunities that interest your field in Data Science in the USA. The session was to the point and crisp which allowed the listeners to question their doubts openly which was answered by Inaara patiently. The whole session was professional and was a great help for anyone who wants to explore more in the field of Data Science and loves to play with data to analyse and conclude.

The next session was conducted on 21st November by Shlok Gupta who himself is a student of Washington University and presented a short and informative session on ‘MBA in the USA’. Shlok started with how everyone wishes to be a part of the best college and almost everyone ends up with the same SOPs and CVs when it is all about setting your profile apart. He continued with how students should also give importance to extra curriculums be it helping the needy or by being a part of any society apart from their great academics score to be part of MBA colleges in the USA. The session was informative and the mentor was up for helping in any way possible by mentioning the scholarships, differences studying in the USA would make and more. The thirty-five minutes long session was concluded after a patient QnA session where all small doubts and queries were answered by Shlok.

Both the session on higher education was informative, crisp and beneficial for the students interested in studying abroad or are still in a phase where they want to explore more of their options.

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