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A Session On Career Advancement

The mind of a college student is alike labyrinth, too many paths to wander and cannot decide which one will lead to the right destination. Intending to wear out this confusion, Saksham: the placement and E-cell of Satyawati College organized an informative webinar on February 02, 2022 with Vignesh Srinivasan, a graduate from IIM Lucknow, Vice-President HSBC Global Banking and founder of Mockat as

the guest speaker. Mr. Vignesh commenced the session discussing about the different paths taken by students as they foray into making their careers. He cited that each one’s journey is different and the process of finding the path would vary from individual to individual, with some having longer journeys than others.

Setting motion, the addresser laid out 5 major career options an aspirant can hold to. These were off-campus placements, professional courses like CA, CS, FRM and so forth, government sector exams namely UPSC, TN PSC and SSC CGL,

public-sector jobs at SBI, Union Bank of India or Insurance companies allying LIC, GIC & others and lastly MBA, particularly from India. He highlighted that a student sometimes gets so immersed in the syllabus that they don’t dedicate enough time to build the requisite problem-solving skills. The key to obtain a favourable result is to focus on logical reasoning and a proper timetable. Out of these highlighted career paths, the speaker elucidated some core tips that are highlighted in the following table-




Job Security

UG Placements

Medium Accounts, Audit, Taxation, Banking

Average: Salary b/w 2-5 Lakhs

Low: Candidates look forward for further studies

Currently high: especially in Chennai

Professional certification

Hard: especially CA

Average salary: b/w 5-12 Lakhs

Medium: can move across companies, not domains

High: No company wants to lose a certified professional job

PSU Jobs

Hard: with 10 Lakhs+ applicants, only 10,000 get jobs

Medium: guaranteed jobs

Low: negligible movement

High: minimal layoffs

MBA (India)

Medium: 2 Lakhs+ applicants every year

High: 100% placements

High: easy to move across companies and countries

High: Top colleges are widely recognized

Mr. Vignesh highlighted that students should start the process of building their portfolios right from the time they enter College, rather than waiting till the eleventh hour. He reiterated that social presence is of utmost importance in today’s world and suggested that the students should continually update their LinkedIn and Facebook profiles. He also stated that many recruiters including himself, check the profiles of candidates prior to offering recruitment.

Making his way towards the end of this webinar, some greater myths about enrolling for a MBA program were debunked- CAT is not a tougher exam for commerce students, it rather calls for timely calculations, post-graduate institutions charging very high fees can push one to walls of debtness is not true instead, there exist several banking establishments that provide 100% funded loans and winding up, majority of the institutions do not demand a work experience and accept fresh entries. Latterly, the session ended with student Q&A session, with its best part being giving students an elbow room to propose their doubts anonymously.

Saksham endeavours to organize more much high-yielding sessions, for mentoring our students comes at first place.

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