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A mirthful month!

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

31 July 2021, New Delhi: After a stunning previous month, Saksham: Placement and E-Cell of Satyawati College (M) marked an enlivening and groovy finale to the month for all the Satyawati students. The young sensation and everyone’s favourite Anuv Jain (singer) was in house with his live jam session. We convey a special thanks to the team of TribeVibe who assisted us to arrange this event for everyone. Students were in great rapture as amongst all the virtual chaos, this was quite refreshing and made the day!

Coming to the placements department, the attraction for this month was the openings from Wipro and ChalknSlate who offered a stipend of upto 5 lakhs per annum. We reached a mark of 50 opportunities in total and came up with over 20 opportunities this month. Also, students got a chance to contribute to some social work by internships at Rehabilitation Centre and Girl Up Rise. Some other placement offers included at Airfeed, Fashion TV, Josh Talks etc.

Moreover, 100 more people joined our website and now we are a family of 2000 monthly visitors.

On the ending note the readers, subscribers and visitors are requested to suggest topics on which blogs and information are wanted. Also, something really special is coming up for everyone so stay tuned and make sure you guess the answer in comment section!

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