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A mega start to the session!

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

New Delhi, June 2021- Saksham: Placement and E-Cell of Satyawati College (M) kick started the month with an extraordinary and remarkable event to bid off their seniors a memorable adieu planned on June 1, 2021. It was a stunner for everyone and the hard work of the team was eye-catching.

Next, the team is extremely gratified to announce that the official website of Saksham completed 150+ sign ups and over 3000+ visitors to their blogs and placement opportunities. The team takes pleasure in welcoming all the people associated with them and values each and every visitor. They try to provide finest and unmediated information about routine and familiar question marks in context of placements, internships, stocks etc. through all the brilliant blogs written by the team after great research.

Coming to the crux of the biscuit, the most crucial turn-on for the team was the placements and internships they provided. The core purpose of the society i.e. to bring in placements to the college, the team was pleased and glad to announce that in just a month they reached a mark of 25 Placements & Internships. The highest package for this month reached a mark of 10 LPA. Some renowned companies got on-board with the cell like BYJU'S, URBAN COMPANY, S&P GLOBAL, EY (A STARTUP, TRAINED BY EY), POPXO, DECATHLON and the list goes on. Saksham heart-warmingly says that opportunities are offered for all courses and years. Some job profiles put forward were in the Sales department, Marketing department, Graphic Designing department, Sports Leader position, Data Research department, etc.

Hence, we can say that every student can find an internship or job related to his/her field of interest as there is a lot of mix and diversification available.

Not only for current year students but the team at Saksham takes care of the aluminise too which acts as the final flourish to this team's hard work.

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