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7 Common Interview Mistakes

After reading this article about the common interview mistakes which a candidate often commits unknowingly, we are sure that you are going to nail your interview round.

Why should you take care of interview mistakes?

After resume screening, Interview is the most important step in a candidate's recruitment process. It is the key process wherein the interviewer gets the first impression of the aspiring candidate. Moreover, it is correctly said that 'first impression is the last impression' so we can't afford to ruin that impression. Learning about the basic behavioural tactics and strategies a candidate can successfully showcase confidence and outstanding personality to the interviewer.

Knowing these mistakes and thinking of suitable solutions can help you to show the interviewers that the interview matters to you and you are taking it seriously. It will also help you to act appropriately in professional settings.

Here are certain common interview mistakes which you might think that no one pays attention to, but these are one of the important parameters which interviewers keep in mind while selecting their future employees.

#1 Showing up too early or too late

Arriving too late at the interview showcases the lack of punctuality in you, even arriving too early showcases that you do not value the interviewer's time and are over excited for your interview.

#2 Wear a casual outfit

Carrying a professional outfit even if the company allows for casual outfits puts a positive impact on the interviewer and your chances of getting selected are more. The color of your belt should always match with the colour of your footwear.

#3 Using your Cell phone

When you are waiting for your turn in the waiting room, avoid using your cellphone as far as possible. You may read the company's newsletters kept in the waiting room or just give a reading to your resume. Switch off your cellphone before entering the interview room in order to avoid any sort of distractions.

#4 Leaned posture

Your posture should be upright and straight . Use of effective body language like nodding your head and a calm eye contact will help you nail your interview.

#5 Talking poorly about previous employers

Employers often ask questions related to your previous working environment, about your ex-colleagues to evaluate your conflict resolution skills and how optimistic as a person you are. A complaining nature of yours will put a bad impression on the employer.

#6 Targeting only your growth

You must let your employer know that along with your personal growth, you are also focused on the company's growth and your inputs, hard work will always prove to be an asset for the company.

#7 Saying No the last question -'Do have any questions ?'

It's always advised to prepare certain questions which you want the interviewing panel to answer. These questions should be new, unique as they will depict how keen learner you are.

So these were the 7 Common interview mistakes that one can avoid and give a positive shot on the interview day. Keep following Saksham: Career Counselling Placement and E-Cell of Satyawati College for more such helpful tips :)

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