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5 Memorization Techniques You Can Use As A Student

As a student what is the one situation that is the most burdensome or difficult for you?

Most of the individuals will answer this question as:

One difficult situation, every student comes across is the time period of examination. Educational Examinations test the capabilities of an individual. These assessments measure not just knowledge, but insight and learning as well, and serve as a way to determine what we've gained from our lectures. However, getting perfectly prepared for an examination is not an easy task for the students. Nevertheless, implementing Memorization Techniques a student can lower the extent of difficulties that come across during the tough task of examination preparation.

Let’s look at 5 crucial and interesting Memorization Techniques useful for all the students:

 Acronyms : The interesting way of performing this technique is that firstly identify any phrase you want to commit to memory. Now take the first letters of that phrase you need to recall, and create an interesting and unique word from them. For example, recalling the sequence of colours by the word: GROP –Green, Red, Orange, Pink

 Rhyme-Keys : This technique mainly assists the students to recall various tough terms and names. In this technique, firstly a student identifies an interconnection of a word he/she wishes to remember with a number or an interesting word. Next, the corresponding words are placed in a fun way to remember them perfectly. For example, remembering a unique and tough name of an individual like: Richard= Rich + Art

 Sleeping after Learning : It is found that when you simply sleep for 15 minutes after learning a critical concept, your brain will automatically store back the knowledge acquired by you more accurately.

According to the researchers, the information about any concept attained by a student gets recalled more strongly by sleeping after learning as when you are asleep, you are able to spend time focusing on what you know.

 Repeated learning : When little details involved in any concept are read repeatedly, they tend to become remembered strongly. Every student mainly has the capability to retain only a small portion of information in the beginning.

However, reading any sort of information continuously helps to raise the portion of information retained by that student. This technique is mainly adopted by those students who wish to learn all the concepts completely and with the highest accuracy.

 Story Lining : An attractive way to remember tough concepts is to build a story that is interconnected to the items of the concepts that are required to be recalled. Building a unique story helps the student to modify the information of a tough concept into an easier structure through which that student can generate a sequence of recalling that tough concept. This technique is mainly helpful for the students to remind those concepts that include the information that is required to be remembered in a sequence. Therefore, building an interesting story interconnected with that sequential information makes the learning process for the student more convenient.


Memorization techniques are those learning mechanisms through which the process of understanding and recalling any concept can be made more convenient. However, every student must follow all the above-mentioned techniques with full dedication and attentiveness to take the advantage of the availability of these techniques to remember all the complex concepts perfectly.

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