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Bachelor of Science (Hons) Mathematics


- Mathematics is a versatile subject with real-world applications.

- A Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics provides a comprehensive foundation in mathematical concepts.

- Pursuing a B.Sc in Mathematics helps develop critical thinking, analytical and problem-solving skills useful in many careers.

- Mathematics graduates are highly sought after in finance, data analysis, software development, and scientific research.

- Pursuing a Master's degree or Ph.D. in Mathematics can lead to careers in academia or research.

- Studying mathematics is a journey of discovery that can keep students updated with new ideas and theories.

- It opens up a world of possibilities and provides transferable skills applicable in various fields, making graduates valuable assets in today's job market.

Course Overview 

BSc mathematics syllabus

Semester 1 - Analytical solid geometry, differential equations

Semester 2 - Calculus, probability and statistics

Semester 3 - Real analysis, abstract algebra

Semester 4 - Linear algebra, mechanics

Semester 5 - Discrete mathematics, leniar programming and its application

Semester 6 - Complex analysis numerical analysis

Job opportunities

  • A Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics is a highly respected qualification that provides students with a strong foundation in mathematical concepts and skills.

  • Graduates with a BSc in Mathematics have a wide range of career options available, including industries such as banking, finance, insurance, risk management, universities, and scientific institutes.

  • BSc Mathematics graduates can work in areas such as investment banking, financial analysis, and risk management in the banking and finance sectors.

  • They can also find employment in insurance companies as actuaries, responsible for analyzing data to determine the likelihood of future events and their financial impact.

  • Universities and scientific institutes offer opportunities for BSc Mathematics graduates to work in research and development projects, as well as teaching and lecturing.

  • Completing a BSc in Mathematics can lead to a fulfilling and rewarding career with limitless possibilities for career growth and advancement.

  • Professions that require a strong foundation in mathematics include mathematicians, data analysts, numerical analysts, and cryptanalysts.

  • Mathematicians specialize in algebra, geometry, and apply new rules to solve practical business problems.

  • Data analysts translate complex numerical data into simple language for businesses to make better decisions.

  • Numerical analysts use numerical operations to solve financial problems in a company and provide recommendations to senior management on how to optimize financial performance.

  • Cryptanalysts use advanced mathematical techniques to analyze encrypted data and decipher codes to protect sensitive information.

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